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Kalès - 65 min – DCP – Stereo – 2017

An intimate and inside perspective of the ‘jungle’ of Calais, evoked through a polyphony of men, tales and atmospheres.

A sensory journey through the social life and survival strategies of migrants.

A film of wind and despair, of fire and solidarity, of hope and hell.

Sharing the daily life of migrants, on numerous visits during the entire duration of the ‘jungle’, and often using a collaborative methodology (images and narrations partly produced by the migrants), the director Laurent Van Lancker, proposes a film that is both poetical and political, evoking an untold and internal perception on the faculty of adaptation and social life of migrants.

Grand Prix FWB (Main award) + QDC Award at FATP Film Festival 2017

Disorient - 36 min - 35, 16mm & Super 8 transferred to video- Stereo – 2010

video work co-directed with Florence Aigner


Polyphony of tales by migrants who returned to their homeland after having spent many years abroad. Whether they are Vietnamese, Indian, Syrian, Iranian, Chinese, Pakistani, academics, contract workers, political refugees, businessmen, or students, ... they confront us with humour and critical distance on the complexity of migration and returning home. 

This experimental documentary avoids showing 'talking heads', but proposes a subtle and sensorial form, which gives a soul to filmic black. Voices and soundscapes lead the narrative structure. Starting from quasi darkness this film evolves through experimentations on film reel (35mm, 16mm, Super8) to traces of travels and material culture. The outcome evokes the reminiscences of personal impressions and the vestiges of different cultures that still inhabit the protagonists’ memories.

First Prize at VideoEX Film Festival 2011

Video On Demand (streaming or Download ) for this film exists through the DocAlliance Films Distribution site.

Majjudo, Lost Man - 28 min - Super 8 & video –Stereo - 2009

Cine-poem and sensorial drifting in a French-Senegalese experience of Shadow cinema. 

Someone who leaves the dying fire without his torchlight is a lost man.

Video On Demand (streaming or Download ) for this film exists through the DocAlliance Films Distribution site.

SURYA - 76 min - 35mm – Dolby SR – 2006

Once upon a journey, ten contemporary storytellers of different cultures create an imaginary epic story. They each draw on their own style and own language to prolong the life of a nameless hero. The aromas of cultures, the taste of words and the perfume of travelling carry us from one storyteller to the next. Like an epic story, this film oscillates between imagination and reality, the inner world and the outside world, documentary and fiction. An ode to orality.


This impressionistic film is the outcome of an overland odyssey by public transport from dusk to dawn, through Europe and Asia (Belgium, Slovakia, Turkey, Syria, Kurdistan, Iran, Pakistan, India, Nepal, Tibet, China, Vietnam). An audio-visual performance where imagination and creativity travel across borders.              

Retroviseurs (Reflectors) - 24 min – video – stereo – 2004

Collective video work, co-directed by Christian Coppin, Mamadou Dramé, Hamadou Ka, Cheikh Ndiaye,  Talibé Diallo, Alpha Sanou

Ode to the banality of a journey between Dakar and Kolda, from the urban and the rural, from the centre and the margin. This film is constructed and deconstructed along the road. Cinematographic improvisation. Collaborative filmmaking. Sharing a journey and a film.

“31 nights: my palestinian encounters” - 28 min – video – stereo – 2003

Thirty-one encounters, thirty-one nights: a personal diary that maps the discovery of a different Palestine - intimate, self-reflexive and full of hidden poetry.




Made in the framewok of  '100 artists in Palestine' (IETM) project

Eth(n)ics Viêtnam - 26 min - video - stereo – 2001

Autobiographical film about the challenges and the failings of a first documentary shoot.

Eth(n)ics oscillates between travel journal and anthropology, as the filmmaker is confronted with the universe of north-vietnamese ethnic minorities and his own ethical dilemmas.

Experimental Ethnographies

'Experimental Ethnographies' is a compilation of four short documentaries, which are situated between essay film, anthropology and contemporary art. They all question how to film other cultures by proposing creative relations between form and content. These films draw on various modes of representations: Self-Reflexive, Auto-Ethnography, Performative, Interactive, Sensorial and Haptic.

The four following films are seen as a series and can be presented together.

Disorient + Majjudo + Retroviseurs + Eth(n)ics Vietnam

Total running time: 112 min.

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