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Lives and works in Brussels. This multilingual Audio-Visual artist both studied Film and Anthropology, and holds a PhD in Audiovisual Art. He lectures at filmschools (INSAS) and universities (FU BERLIN, WWU Münster) and SoundImageCulture workspace. His early documentary works explored social and religious themes (e.g.  in Voodoo we trust, Ymako, … ). Followed by a series of short works called 'Experimental Ethnographies'. His long-feature documentary film 'Surya', won international Awards, and had a theatrical release in Belgium. He also made an artistic webproject called ‘’. Over the years he made a few short fiction films (Between two seas (1994) and pierre (2000), and later went on to make his first long-feature fiction film ‘Brak’ (Fallow). His films explore inter-cultural dialogue, and draw on various modes: Self-Reflexive, Performative and Sensorial cinema. They propose a dialogue between ethics and aesthetics, poetics and politics.

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